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a new way of business

"we don't want your money

(but we do need some of it.)"

We were sitting around talking the other day and decided that it was time to come up with a business model - so we did and you've just read it on the line above.

While we are not naive and are certainly not stupid; in our discussion we came to the conclusion that the majority of businesses on earth have, as their top goal, profit.

How much money can that business increase their business over the same quarter, last year? How much money do they have in reserves? How much money are they paying their stockholders?

So we asked ourselves different questions. How much human capital do we have? How many people can we help with the knowledge we possess?

What are we going to do with buckets of money anyway???

It turns out that the answer to the final question was easy. We're just going to spend it on those who need it the most.

Which brings us back to why we started this firm in the first place. We want to help people. People that need a leg up, people that want to invest in the human capital of their business and especially people that want to make a difference to even more people.

René Graham & Chris Lawrence
LaurelHouse Studio
February 2009

go green everyday

The building industry accounts for almost 40% of US energy consumption. This is more than what is used in transporation and industry in the United States. You may want to reduce your personal carbon footprint, have a smaller impact on foresting or just simply want to save money by reducing comsumption.